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  • Josh Regel

Omega-3 – Krill Oil vs. ProOmega Fish Oil

To be a pharmacist you have to be a bit “nerdy”.  Who else other than the “nerdy” ones really enjoy learning how medications work in the body and then doing all the math.  To specialize in the practice of compounding pharmacy and to have a wellness center, well that is a different level of “nerdy”.  Several years ago I started hearing that everyone should be on an Omega-3 supplement for cardiovascular protection.  I agree we all need more Omega-3.

I often make recommendations to patients to take ProOmega fish oil from Nordic Naturals.  I am sold on this Essential Fatty Acid, so much so, that I take it myself and I have convinced Summer to take it also.  At one point several years ago I decided to find the best source of Omega-3 fish oil.  I researched the different products and I discussed with my fellow pharmacists and Certified Clinical Nutritionists around the country.  I finally landed on Nordic Naturals.  One of the things that caught my eye was that they research and compare their products with other products on the market.  Recently, they decided to compare ProOmega with Krill oil, Salmon oil and the prescription version of Omega-3 fish oil.  

The results of this study were eye opening to me and answered the common question that I hear “what is better krill oil or your ProOmega fish oil?”.  Take a look for yourself.

 Published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease.

ProOmega is

  • 47% more effective than ethyl ester fish oil

  • 227% more effective than salmon oil

  • 382% more effective than krill oil

Now let's compare the number of capsules you would need to take to match the blood levels you receive with ProOmega.

In conclusion, if you take Krill oil, you will need to take 10 capsules to compare to 2 capsules of ProOmega.  It looks like with ProOmega you get more “bang for your buck.”

Another advantage with the ProOmega product is that they combine needed nutrients with ProOmega such as, Vitamin D and CoQ-10.  Contact me to find the  Omega-3 product that fits you best.

What is your experience with Omega-3?  Concerned about allergies? Comment below.


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