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Pain relief through the skin

Why do topical pain medications work?

Pain does not always have to be addressed by pills and injections.  Pain medications make some people feel tired, sleepy, or as if they are on another planet.  Some people taking oral pain medications find it difficult to function at their optimum.  Some people fear addiction to pain killers.  There are other pain treatment options available that are less invasive to the body, yet provide an effective solution to the pain you may be experiencing.

One common side effect for many using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s, such as Aleve® [Naproxen,] Advil® [Ibuprofen,] Mobic® [Meloxicam,] & Celebrex, etc. ) is stomach problems.  Our pharmacists can provide topical methods to benefit patients who are unable to take medication in the more common forms.  It offers an easy alternative to taking multiple pills and patients love it.  Use of a topical cream can often mean the difference between treatment success or failure.  Because they allow medications to successfully penetrate the skin, these topical creams show the potential to sidestep many common side effects of drugs, such as upset stomach, and minimize the effects on other organs.  Read about one patient who experienced success with one of our pain cream formulas:

If you have neuropathic pain, arthritis, back pain, inflammatory pain, or any other pain that you think may be applicable, take the following steps to find out if one of our topical pain solutions may be suitable for your situation.

How to obtain topical pain medications:

Step 1:  Talk to one of our pharmacist, Josh or Natalie at Regel Pharmalab by calling (901) 757-9434 or emailing

Step 2:  Josh or Natalie will consult with you and send a written recommendation to your provider.

Step 3: Your provider will sign off on the recommended prescription.

Step 4:  Our administrative staff will contact your insurance company.

Step 5:  One of our staff members will contact you to let you know the cost/coverage and when your prescription may be picked up or mailed.

What Some Regel PharmaLab Patients Are Saying

Burning Feet:  “The medication does wonders!  It really worked well.  My feet no longer burn on the bottom.”

Inflammation:  “It’s a miracle drug.  I don’t care what anybody says!  I am back to walking three miles a day again.  It’s done quite a number for me.”

Stomach Issues With Pain Medications:  “This pain cream my pharmacist recommended really works.  I have been struggling with pain for 2 years and finally I have something that takes my pain away without tearing up my stomach.”

Organ Concerns With Pain Medications:  “I don’t have to worry about my dad’s kidneys so much with a topical pain medication.”

May we assist you with Pain Therapy Questions?

Give us a Call, (901) 757-9434

What type of side effects have you experienced with over the counter or prescription pain medications?  Comment below


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