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Autoimmune Diseases

So What is an Autoimmune Disease? 

To put it simply, autoimmune diseases occur when your bodies own defense system (immune system) attacks normal cells in your body.  Normally your immune system is there to protect you from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other foreign chemicals.  


In an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakenly attacks cells and tissue like your joints or skin.  Some autoimmune diseases attack one part of your body while others affect the whole body.

Check Out Our Blog

See our latest blog post for a detailed look at autoimmune diseases.

How Can Regel Pharmalab Help?

We can do some preliminary testing or refer you to a physician that is trained to look for these difficult diseases.  

What Can You Do If You Have an Autoimmune Disease?

  1. Eliminate Gluten from your diet - Contact us for more information on this.

  2. Reduce stress through exercise and other means

  3. Take the right vitamins and minerals for your specific autoimmune disease.  Contact me for a list customized for you.

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