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  • “Do you have an anti-wrinkle cream?”

  • "Do you have a cream I can use for dry skin?”

  • “Can you make a cream that will help with my child’s acne?"


These are a few of the questions that our patients ask us every day.


Our patients are looking for a skin care line that will take care of all of their skin care needs.  The skin care line needs to include anti-aging regimens, anti-wrinkle creams, topical acne medications, rosacea medications, dry skin recommendations etc. Our patients are not the only ones who come to us for recommendations on their skin conditions.  We also receive requests from physicians to compound prescriptions for these skin conditions.  Since we are the experts in customizing medications, we decided it was the perfect opportunity for us to formulate products that could treat many skin conditions and that would be available to all of our patients.

After a lot of time and dedication spent on finding the best products for our patients, we are excited to introduce Rx Skin Therapy.  Rx Skin Therapy products are specially formulated by pharmacists and are made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  These products provide the most advanced treatments available without a prescription, and are formulated specifically for each skin type.  Rx Skin Therapy products include cleansers, moisturizers, masques, exfoliants and anti-aging serums.  I love finding products that are a perfect fit for each patient and would be delighted to tell you more about them next time you visit our pharmacy.


Since many patients are interested in determining their skin type and what their skin care needs are, we are offering skin analysis consultations.  During our consultations, we use a skin analyzer to help evaluate your skin type, skin conditions, sun damage and more!  If you are interested in setting up a skin consultation, you can call or email me to set up your appointment.  During your consultation, I will address all of your skin care needs and determine which products are best for you.  I can also create customized prescription strength “cosmeceutical” creams made specifically for your needs, which can help your skin appear younger and healthier.  After all, finding the perfect skin care regimen for each individual is our ultimate goal!

To get started:

1.  Contact us 901-757-9434
2.  Set up a consultation
3.  Apply the product
4.  See the results

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