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  • Josh Regel

8 signs you might be deficient in Omega-3 fish oils

Are you aware of the symptoms of Omega-3 Deficiency?


Poor Memory

Decrease in immune function (more prone to illnesses)

Skin problems (dry skin, hair loss, eczema)

Poor circulation

Depression and mood swings

Heart problems

Reproductive problems (men and women)

What you should experience from taking a quality Omega-3 fish oil.  With the omega-3 fish oils we carry at Regel Pharmalab we expect you to “feel better” and experience “clearer thinking” and “enhanced well-being” within 2 weeks.

In my quest to improve my own health and to develop a better understanding of preventive medicine, I found Omega-3 fish oils.  Most all of us are aware that Omega-3’s are good for us, but why?  And another question to consider is, are all fish oils the same?

What I found out, I felt was worth sharing.

The following paragraph is a brief overview of omega-3 fish oils.  First, omega-3’s are essential.  That means that our bodies cannot produce it.   We must get this nutrient from our diet and/or a supplement.  Even those who eat fish several times a week aren’t getting enough EPA and DHA because farm raised fish have reduced amounts of EPA and DHA.  Most of us have one or more reasons that we are not getting enough such as age, poor diet, alcohol consumption, low levels of certain vitamins and minerals, some prescription drugs, compromised immune status, and a diet high in saturated and/or trans-fatty acids (meat, dairy, fast food, fried food, baked goods, and processed foods).

So how do you select a quality fish oil?

  1. I’ll make it easy, come on in to Regel Pharmalab and I’ll recommend what I take.  Pro-Omega-Q-10 from Nordic Naturals.  There are many brands that have good quality,  but after researching I have found the best quality from Nordic Naturals  and Carlson’s.

  2. Look for a company that outsources their testing to another company for purity and freshness.

  3. Cut one of your capsules open and smell the fish oil.  If it smells or tastes fishy the oil probably has been exposed to oxygen and has become rancid.

  4. For best absorption make sure the omega-3’s are in the triglyceride form.

In summary, I don’t eat a lot of oily fish and I have a few of the deficiency symptoms.  It makes sense to me that I should supplement with Omega-3’s.  Omega-3’s are not just for those people that are concerned with their heart.  Choosing a quality source of Omega-3’s is essential to your health.

To read some of the research on this subject, visit  This is where I go to find the latest info on omega-3’s.


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