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  • Josh Regel

Does your pet have healthy ears?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Most dogs and cats scratch their ears a lot, so how can you tell when it’s time to drag your pet to the animal clinic? Since Rufus and Clifford can’t tell you when they have an ear infection, here are some signs and symptoms to look out for:

• Shaking the head • Redness • Odor and/ or discharge from the ear • Tender to touch • Scabs and/ or hair loss around ear

Several factors may be triggering your pet’s discomfort. It is important to keep your pet’s ears clean to prevent complications from chronic inflammation such as hearing loss.

6 reasons why you pet might have inflammation in the ears: • Parasites such as mites, fleas or ticks • Objects in the ear • Yeast infections • Swimmer’s ear • Hypothyroidism • Allergies

Breeds at risk: Water-loving dogs such as Labrador retrievers are more likely to get ear infections if they spend time in the lake or swimming pool. Hounds are at risk because their long ears trap moisture, while bulldogs are more likely to get a yeast infection because of their extra skin folds.

These common problems lead to inflammation of the outer ear (otitis externa) and may become infected, itchy, and painful. What pet owners might not know is that these conditions, if left untreated, could lead to loss of hearing!

Most Americans would do anything for their fur baby…. But when it comes to ear infections, administering drops up to three times a day can be challenging! We are now able to make a product that is administered once weekly by the veterinarian that works the same way other ear drops do without all of the hassle. Ask us about what we can do for your pet’s health today!


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