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  • Josh Regel

Holiday Stress for women: A Christmas Gift no one wants

Several years ago, I was so frustrated with our success in helping women with their hormone symptoms.  Among these problems are hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, sleepless nights, mental fogginess, and the list goes on.  At first, we were having success with each individual’s plan.  We were able to help women feel “normal” again.  Symptoms were reduced to almost none and overall the individuals felt great.  We even had a few husbands come in to show their appreciation by saying, “thank you for giving me my wife back.”  But all of a sudden symptoms were returning to these patients.  I struggled with this for a few years until I noticed that most of these individuals would have issues around the holidays.

I then decided to call a friend of mine in Texas and discuss this issue. He enlightened me to what he called “Holiday Stress”.  I had no idea what he meant by this. He informed me that patients already dealing with hormone issues and daily stress tend to have further hormone changes around the holidays.  The added stressors of the holidays can alter the way the body utilizes the hormones and throw them out of balance again.  This, in turn, throws off the hormone balance (symptom improvements) that we had worked so hard to create.  (See the blog on Progesterone)  So I decided to ask patients what their life is like normally and then during the holiday season.

Here is what I found out.  Preface this with the fact that most are between the ages of 45 and 60 and are female.

  • Work full time

  • Have 1-3 children (teenagers and or empty nest)

  • Cooking

  • Packing lunches

  • Laundry

  • House cleaning

  • Shopping

Holiday Stressors (all the above plus)

  • Heavier cleaning of house (relatives visiting)

  • Christmas Decorations

  • More Cooking

  • More shopping

  • Tighter budgets

  • Wrapping gifts

  • Household clutter (for those neat freaks)

  • Relatives

  • Traveling

My first impression of this list was WOW.  How in the world can you keep up with this daily stress and then keep your sanity during the holidays?  Often times I tell patients to have a Merry Christmas and then I realize that most women that I see daily are not going to be Merry for Christmas.

So what can you do about this?  Women need to find a way to pass along some of the responsibilities to others who can help.  Freeing yourself of some of the burdens that you place on yourself is so rewarding.  It is possible to have a Merry Christmas this year but you may have to change a few things so that everyone is not trying to avoid you at all cost this year.

Tips that may help:

1. Make your own list of what is stressful for you this time of year and ask others to help you accomplish these tasks. 2. Ask them to help you determine what they think is important for you to do and the things that you can take off the list. 3. Get some sleep.  Set a bedtime so that you are not running on fumes by the time Christmas is here. 4. Do not stop your exercise routine.  Or maybe start one. 5. Don’t forget to take any vitamins you include in your daily regimen.  You need them now more than ever.  Call us if you need help finding extra energy through vitamins and minerals.  (901) 757-9434

Make Christmas Merry this year!  It is your choice.

What helps you handle Holiday Stress?  Post in comments Please.


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