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  • Josh Regel

Hope in medicine

Our mission is to provide you Hope.  Hope for individuals who need answers to medical problems.  I have heard hope explained as having something new to try and the willingness to try it.  In turn, hopelessness is having no options or being unwilling to try the options. 

I have been there before.  Hopeless. I have accepted things I once thought unacceptable because I had tried everything I knew.  I had nowhere else to turn. Regel Pharmalab is a place you can turn.  Providing options that work is what we do best!  Whether you have a minor illness, chronic disease, or major traumatic health problem, we have answers.  

Today I want to introduce us.  In the future, I’ll tell you what we can do.  In the stories of what we have done for others, I hope you find an answer for yourself, a route you haven’t explored, or simply the courage to try something new.

Here is a little insight from a customer’s perspective:

“For many months I dealt with intolerable pelvic pain.  The medicine I took by mouth helped some, but I still suffered.  In an effort to get real pain relief, my physician raised my dosage again and again. I began to feel tired and almost “drunk.”  Worst of all, I was still in pain! Many days I did not feel comfortable driving my children to school. But I thought this was my only option. I was hopeless.

I did a little research and found Regel Pharmalab. Josh had an idea for an on-site cream that might help without the side effects.  I discussed this option with my doctor and he discussed it with Josh, and after a few days I had my first try. The cream was immediately helpful. Plus, it felt so good to be doing something about the problem. After a few weeks, I came to Josh with some thoughts on how to make it even better for me. Josh again worked with my physician and was able to find a medication that fits me just right.  I still have some pain every now and then, but I now feel like a mother and a wife again.”

Our passion is helping individuals in need of hope.  We look forward to hearing from you and working together toward a solution that works for you.


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