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Welcoming Dr. Natalie Danielson to our staff at Regel Pharmalab

At Regel Pharmalab we have an opportunity everyday to meet unique needs.  To accomplish this, our staff must be passionate about what we do.  Unfortunately, this passion is not taught in pharmacy school. We have recently hired a pharmacist who has proven to be far more than we could even hope for.

We welcome Dr. Natalie Danielson, Pharm.D. to our staff.  Natalie grew up in Eads, Tennessee.  She graduated from St. George’s Independent School in Collierville, Tennessee.  Natalie studied pre-pharmacy at Mississippi State University and The University of Memphis.  She earned her Pharm.D. from The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in May 2014.  During pharmacy school Natalie was involved in the student chapters of the Tennessee Pharmacist Association, the American Pharmacist Association and assisted with events at the Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude.

At a young age, Natalie enjoyed helping with her three younger sisters and her many pets, especially when there was an illness involved.  During her teenage years her family operated “Miracle Farms.”  Miracle Farms was a farm for inner city children to come play with the animals.  The animals included horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, peacocks, dogs and cats.

Natalie chose to pursue a degree in Pharmacy because she found her passion to work in a field where she could help people solve problems every day.  She started working in retail pharmacy as a pharmacy technician in 2007.  Getting to know the patients and working in the community was important in her understanding of the role of the pharmacist.  While in pharmacy school, Natalie completed a rotation at Regel Pharmalab.  During the month, Natalie became intrigued with compounding.  She enjoyed working with the patients to improve their health by customizing medications that met their specific needs.

Natalie joined the Regel team in April 2014.

When Natalie is at home, she enjoys spending time with her husband. They enjoy many outdoor activities, and spending time with their family, friends and their two dogs that are both named Avery.

Over the past several months working with Natalie, we have recognized her passion for dermatological conditions such as vitiligo, stretch marks, scars and anti-aging (fine lines and wrinkles).  Natalie is available to sit down with you and discuss options on how to resolve these issues.  Give us a call and set up a time to talk with her about your specific needs.

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