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  • Josh Regel

3 ways to get rid of nail fungus at home

Thinking about wearing sandals and flip-flops this summer? Start now and you can have clear nails before summertime.

I am often asked, “what can I do to get rid of my nail fungus?” I usually respond by asking what have you tried and what were your results?

I have heard a lot of ideas and I decided to provide you with 3 options that make sense. I did not say that these will work. What I am saying is that if you had to choose from all the opinions out there, you might try one of these first.

Before we get to the treatment options I would like to provide some guidance on when these options are appropriate. First, if you have diabetes or low blood flow to your feet, I recommend discussing treatment options with your physician or a podiatrist. Some treatments can make things worse. Also, how bad is your nail infection? If you have a mild nail infection then one of these options might be worth trying. If it is severe then skip down to the bottom and I can guide you and your physician to a better option.

How severe is your nail fungus?

Mild - Looking at your toenail determine how close to the cuticle is the infected part of the nail. If the infected nail is less than 50% of the nail then you have a mild fungal nail infection. Below is an example.

Moderate to Severe

Anything more than 50% of the nail from front to back is considered moderate to severe. Here are a couple examples.

1. Vinegar Foot Soak

How to make a vinegar foot soak:

2 cups White vinegar

4 cups Water

Place in a container that will allow your nail to be completely covered. You can soak the whole foot if desired.

Discussion: This remedy has not been studied to find out how effective it truly is. What I do know is that vinegar does have some mild antifungal properties on a specific fungus called Candida. Unfortunately Candida is not the most common fungus that is seen in a nail infection. The most common types of nail infections come from the fungi T. Rubrum or T. mentagrophytes. If you choose this option I would recommend that you soak at least one time every day for at least 30 minutes.

2. Vicks Vapo Rub

Directions: Trim your nails appropriately. Apply to the affected nail(s) two times a day. Cover the nail, cuticle and surrounding tissue. Rub into the area thoroughly.

Discussion: This one has some actual potential in my opinion. The combination of Camphor and eucalyptus oil has been effective for many people. I would say that it may take 6 months or longer to see a difference. If you are willing to stick it out then this might be a great option for you.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Directions: Place a drop or two onto each affected nail and rub over nail with a q-tip. Allow to dry. Use one time a day.

Discussion: This is another good one to try because a study back in 2013 showed that Tea Tree Oil is effective against T. Rubrum, one of the most common fungi that can cause nail fungus. I will have to say that in the study the Tea Tree Oil worked in a lab. It was not studied on an actual nail infection on a person. As with all the other options, this treatment will take several months to be effective.

If you have a severe nail infection then I recommend a prescription strength medication. There are a few medications that are available to take by mouth to treat a nail fungus, but why take a medication for something on your toe? In my opinion applying something directly to the nail can eliminate the infection as well as avoiding side effects.

The formulation we have developed with one of our local area podiatrists is a combination of an antifungal with urea. Urea is added to soften the nail.

What are our customers saying about this formulation?

"My nails are growing out healthier than before. Easy to apply."

~Bonita L. from Germantown

"It worked out real good. Cleared it up."

~David E. from Bartlett

"It worked-new growth. So much better. Highly recommend."

~Jana C. from Collierville

"It thinned out the nail. It is clearer."

~Elizabeth D. from Eads

"Nail color is lighter-fine now."

~Sheila O. from Clarksdale, MS

If you have the severe kind and want us to help, we are here for you.

Give us a call (901) 757-9434 or email


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