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Is Selenium the missing piece to your anxiety?

Selenium for Anxiety

By Kognan Kampi, Pharm.D. Candidate

Anxiety is a prevalent and challenging condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While there are various treatments and coping strategies available. Have you ever heard of selenium? It might not be as famous as some other nutrients, but this elemental superhero acts as an antioxidant defender, immune system champion, and thyroid supporter. Research suggests that the mineral selenium may play a role in anxiety management.

Anxiety can sometimes be linked to thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism and energy production, and selenium is essential for the conversion of thyroid hormones into their active forms. A healthy thyroid function contributes to overall well-being and can indirectly affect anxiety levels. Ensuring you have an adequate selenium intake may help support proper thyroid function, potentially alleviating anxiety symptoms related to thyroid imbalances.

To harness the potential anxiety-reducing benefits of selenium, it's important to include selenium-rich foods in your diet. Some good dietary sources of selenium include Brazil nuts, fish, lean meats, whole grains, eggs, sunflower seeds. If you are not able to acquire selenium through food, good news there is a supplement form. Selenium supplementation, at a dose of 30–200 µg/day, appears to be effective in the prevention and treatment of depression in diverse clinical populations, including pregnant women, women with polycystic ovarian disease and adults with obesity and depre

ssive symptoms.

If you're considering selenium supplements for anxiety, it's crucial to do so cautiously and under the guidance of a healthcare provider. We offer a Selenium supplement that has the proper dose as well as the right ingredients. For more information on the selenium we offer click the link below.



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