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  • Josh Regel

7 Diet and Nutrition Principles

Deciding to eat right and exercise is on everyone’s “To Do List”.  I recently ran across these 7 principles in a book called The Original Prescription.  I thought I would share what I think may help those of you like me that struggle with food choices.

Dietary patterns that promote health

  1. Choose a healthy dietary pattern that takes up 80% of your food choices.  That means that 80% of the time choose the right thing to eat.

  2. Let your body tell you when to stop eating.  Listen to your body.

  3. Don’t skip meals. Start each day with a balanced breakfast.

  4. Eat real Food!  Limit prepared and packaged food.

  5. Invest appropriately in your food selections; your life may depend on it.

  6. Drink enough water and limit your liquid calories.

  7. Prepare for cravings that can jeopardize you plans for success.

Many times I have attempted to diet and I have been successful at dropping a few pounds and then gained them right back.  I know now why.  One of my goals this year is to follow these principles. My intended outcome is to feel healthier.

My definition of feeling healthier:

  • Increase in energy level (Sun-up to sun-down)

  • Sleep better (feel rested every morning)

  • Feel stronger

  • See more of my feet when I look down (Reduce belly fat)

  • Handle stress better

What is your definition of feeling healthy?  (post in comments below)


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