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  • Josh Regel

Folic Acid vs. L-Methylfolate (MTHF)

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Folic Acid may not be your best choice

We often overlook some of the most fundamental nutrients that can provide the most protection for disease.  I feel that folic acid is one of these often overlooked but powerful nutrients.  So what is this new version of Folic Acid – L-Methylfolate?  Allow me to explain why I make sure that my multivitamin has L-Methylfolate instead of Folic acid.

Did you know that Folic Acid has been reported to reduce risks related to heart disease, stroke and some kinds of cancer.  This B vitamin is found in our food, and in most multi-vitamins.  An article in the February 15, 2013, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association ( JAMA) has spiked a great deal of interest in folic acid supplementation. In the published study, women who took folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy were 40% less likely to have a baby later diagnosed with autism. Given the many drugs that deplete folic acid, such as oral contraceptives and hormone therapy, and the critical role that folic acid plays in the body, folic acid should be a recommended supplement for women aged 18 to 78. However, to provide the most active form of folic acid, L-methylfolate should be recommended. Unlike synthetic folic acid, which needs to be metabolized to L-methylfolate before it can be used, L-methylfolate can be used directly by the body.

Do you have the genetic Mutation?

There is a significant subset of individuals who cannot convert folic acid to L-methylfolate and will not see any benefit from synthetic folic acid.  This group of individuals are at an increased risk of cardiovascular events from blood clotting.  To find out more about the genetic mutation that leads to these issues, one of my pharmacy students explains it in a previous post (Click Here to read it).

If you are interested in switching your multivitamin to one that contains L-methylfolate stop by or order it on-line (click here).  If you already know that you have a genetic mutation of the MTHFR then you need to take a higher dose like our 2000mcg MTHF  (click here).

Best Options for you

A one capsule a day Multivitamin that provides 400mcg of MTHF

Provides 2000mcg of Methylfolate

Testing for a genetic mutation is something that your physician can order for you.  Next time you are at your physician’s office have them check for this mutation.


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