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  • Josh Regel

No time for breakfast? Try a shake.

Are you a fan of smoothies, shakes or juicing?

With so little time in the mornings I struggle to get breakfast.  The one thing that has helped me is to make a quick smoothie.  With the help of a blender it only takes me 3 minutes to prepare a smoothie.  Having 21 grams of protein is critical for me to get through the morning.

The concept of liquid nutrition, be it meal replacement, liquid protein, or sports nutrition offers a number of advantages. Liquid nutrition supplies nutrients in a form that is more easily and efficiently taken up than nutrients obtained from solid foods, which require specific digestive enzymes and stomach acid for absorption. Liquid nutrition allows for specific formulation and nutrient targeting to address specific disease states or individual needs. Liquid supplements can also provide a measured intake of calories, sugar and sodium.

Liquid protein nutrition, such as Perfect Protein Powder, has been recognized as having immense value in providing a sound nutritional foundation for individuals. Liquid protein nutrition can be enhanced by the addition of whole food ingredients such as fruits, berries, and vegetables, and may be flavored to suit the user’s preferences. Liquid protein smoothies can even be “supercharged” by the addition of specific vitamins and minerals. The list of individuals who can benefit from liquid protein nutrition includes, athletes and body builders, individuals with wound healing challenges, hospice patients, cancer patients, bariatric surgery patients, and anyone wishing to reverse metabolic syndrome.

So now you can drink your way to better health.

  • Perfect Protein Powder tastes great as a shake or it blended into several smoothie recipes.   Here are a couple to try out.

Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

  • Improve sleep smoothie

What is your favorite smoothie/shake recipe?


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